How to Get More Snapchat Views on Your Snapchat Story in 2020

Snapchat story views

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What is Snapchat and what is a Snapchat story?

Snapchat is a social media platform released in September 2011 founded by Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. Snapchat is different from other social media like Instagram, Reddit and Twitter where you can post something and everyone can like it and comment on it. On Snapchat you can send your friends or people you know pictures or video’s and each day you and your friend send eachother a photo or video you get 1 point added to you ‘snapstreak’. A snapstreak is just an indicator of how many days you have send a snap to eachother in a row. You also have a Snapchat story on Snapchat where you can post a video or photo and everyone can see it unless you have set it to private.

How to get Snapchat views on you Snapchat story?

1. Profile Picture

The first step before you go public with stories is adding and creating a good and professional looking profile picture for your brand or personal account. This will people give a better feeling about your account and give you a better reputation.

Profile Picture Snapchat Story Views
Profile Picture

Sadly there isn’t a Organic Search function in Snapchat so you first need to add people on Snapchat using there Snapcode or username.

2. Post Content Frequently

Just like on Instagram and Twitter if you post frequently you’ll get more followers and views.

On Snapchat stories get listed for your followers chronologically with the latest story first, so if you put content on your story frequently, your followers will see your content more often then others. This doesn’t mean you should fire snap after snap. This will annoy your followers and it is probably awful content if you post that frequent.

3. Choose a category.

When you look on Instagram you will see alot of account with different categories. Like a travel account where they post travel content or a food account where they post food pictures and videos. When people follow you they follow you because they want to see some specific content. So post content about a specific niche.

Snapchat Story Categories

4. Use other social media platforms.

When you already have followers on other social media platforms you can easily promote your Snapchat account on it to get more followers and views on Snapchat. When you start with more followers on Snapchat you will gain more views then having a small amount of followers.

5. Shoutout for shoutout

If you don’t have alot of followers on Instagram or other social media you can ask friends or other people with almost the same amount of followers as you, you can ask them to do a shoutout for shoutout. This means that you will shoutout one of their social media and they will shoutout one of yours, like Snapchat.

6. Interact with your followers

When your getting some views on your stories you should start interacting with you followers like asking them questions about something from your niche, or hosting a giveaway.

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